swissQprint Unveils Flexible Automation Solution at drupa 2024

swissQprint Unveils Flexible Automation Solution at drupa 2024

At drupa 2024, swissQprint introduced a groundbreaking automation module aimed at enhancing productivity in flatbed printing by automating the unloading process. This new feature is designed to alleviate the workload on operators, enabling them to focus on more critical tasks.

“More and more customers are looking to automate their printing processes while preserving flexibility,” stated Carmen Eicher, Chief of Sales and Marketing Officer at swissQprint. In response, swissQprint has developed an innovative unloading module that removes processed media up to 3.2×2 meters from the printer's table, ensuring efficient handling of large print runs. Notably, the loading process remains manual.

The development of this automation solution was guided by initial customer feedback. “drupa is the perfect opportunity to showcase this conceptual study and gather extensive feedback for the final development phase,” Eicher added. The fully refined product is expected to be available in 2025, tailored to market demands.

Uncompromised Versatility

The new unloading option maintains the versatility and accessibility that swissQprint customers value. The module can be easily undocked, allowing for seamless execution of special applications, short runs, and roll jobs without hindrance.

Live Demonstrations and Product Showcase

The automation module was part of swissQprint's impressive lineup of innovations demonstrated at drupa 2024. Key highlights included:

  • Kudu: A high-end flatbed printer known for its superior performance and exceptional quality, which was used to demonstrate the new unloading option.
  • Karibu 2: A highly efficient and versatile printer equipped with unique features.
  • Nyala: The flagship model, celebrated as Europe’s best-selling flatbed printer in its class for the past nine years.

Additionally, swissQprint captivated visitors with an extensive application gallery, with the neon room being a particular highlight.

Extended Warranty Offer

In a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, swissQprint now offers a 36-month warranty on all new machines, covering all models and configurations purchased since April 2024. This comprehensive warranty underscores swissQprint’s dedication to reliability and exceptional service.

For more information about swissQprint's latest innovations and offerings, visit their official website.

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