Enhance Your Signage with Mimaki's Advanced UV Printing Technology

Enhance Your Signage with Mimaki's Advanced UV Printing Technology

An effective design can catch the eye of any passer-by, but its impact may be lost if the final print isn't dynamic and striking enough. Advanced printing methods now enable users to create eye-catching designs with special effects like glossy or matte surfaces and glitter. Combining print layers with unique textures can further elevate your designs.

Why UV Printing?

Efficiency and sustainability are key benefits of UV printing. UV LED ink cures immediately, eliminating drying time and reducing energy consumption by removing the need for a drying heater. This method is also versatile, allowing printing on materials like cloth, paper, and PET film, which are challenging for traditional latex or solvent printing.

Mimaki has been a leader in UV LED printing, offering models like the UJV100-160Plus and the upcoming UCJV330-160. The UJV100-160Plus, an enhanced entry-level model, boasts low running costs and versatile expression with features like the pull-back printing function for multi-layer printing up to three layers. The UCJV330-160, available in early 2024, supports multi-layer printing up to five layers, providing detailed prints and high speeds with new high-precision print heads.

Single and Two-Layer Printing

Single-layer printing is the fastest method and suitable for general signage, though it limits the use of Mimaki’s full capabilities. Adding a layer enhances the print quality, especially for backlit and window signs. For instance, two-layer printing improves visibility and vibrancy in both backlit and window signs.

Three-Layer Printing

Three-layer printing further enhances sign visibility and vibrancy, especially for backlit signs, by adding a white layer between two colored layers. This technique ensures that images remain vivid whether the backlight is on or off. For window decorations, it allows visibility and vibrancy from both sides.

Four-Layer Printing

Four-layer printing introduces a black layer along with white, color, or clear layers, creating a 'day and night effect.' This technique can change an image's appearance based on lighting, making designs more dynamic and engaging.

Five-Layer Printing

Five-layer printing allows different images to be displayed on the front and back of the same sheet, ideal for shop window stickers. This method can show one image to passers-by and another to customers inside, enhancing communication and engagement.


Multi-layered printing offers unique and stylish options for your signs and displays. Mimaki's UJV100-160Plus and UCJV330-160 printers provide versatile, sustainable solutions with their advanced UV technology, making your designs stand out.

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