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DTF Transfer Fine Powder – 1 KG


Achieve impeccable DTF printing with our versatile DTF Transfer Fine Powder, compatible with all DTF printers. Unlock dark shirt transfers, smooth and flexible prints, and vibrant colors with ease.

DTF Transfer Medium Powder – 1 KG


Elevate your DTF printing with our versatile DTF Transfer Medium Powder, compatible with all DTF printers and ideal for cotton and polyester. Unleash the potential of dark shirt transfers, breathable and flexible prints, and vibrant colors.

DTF Powder: Unleash Your Printing Potential

Discover the extraordinary world of DTF Powder, where your printing projects reach new heights with vibrant clarity and unrivaled versatility.

1. Vibrant Colors, Maximum Impact

  • Explosive Color Range: Access an array of vivid hues to create prints that command attention.
  • Instant Visual Impact: Achieve prints that pop with vibrancy, making your designs unmissable.

2. Superior Durability, Lasting Impressions

  • Enduring Quality: DTF Powder ensures your prints stay sharp and vibrant, even after countless washes.
  • Professional-Grade Prints: Impress clients with prints that radiate professionalism and longevity.

3. Effortless Application, Time-Saving

  • Seamless Printing: Bid farewell to complications with user-friendly DTF Powder.
  • Efficiency Boost: Streamline your workflow with a product that simplifies the printing process.

4. Compatibility and Precision

  • Perfect Integration: DTF Powder effortlessly pairs with a range of printing equipment for precise results.
  • Versatile Material Printing: Ideal for diverse materials, from garments to accessories, expanding your creative horizons.

5. Eco-Friendly and Responsible

  • Sustainability: Embrace eco-friendly practices with DTF Powder, crafted with environmental consciousness.
  • Safety First: Maintain a secure workspace with products that meet rigorous safety standards.

6. Unleash Creativity, Make an Impact

  • Limitless Possibilities: DTF Powder empowers your artistic visions across various surfaces.
  • Inspired Creations: Witness your creativity flourish with prints that leave lasting impressions.

Your Printing Journey Begins Now

Ready to transform your printing projects into masterpieces? Dive into the world of DTF Powder and explore a range that guarantees brilliance, longevity, and user-friendliness.

Explore Now: Click below to browse our DTF Powder collection and unlock your full printing potential.

Elevate your prints, dazzle your clients, and make every creation a masterpiece with DTF Powder. Start your journey now!