Yellow Ink – 1 Liter


DTF Printer USA Yellow Ink, a top-quality water-based ink, is designed for DTF printers. Its opaque yellow color ensures vibrant, sharp prints on various materials while meeting eco-friendly standards.



 High-Quality DTF Printer USA Yellow Ink: Vibrant DTF Prints Made Easy

Are you in search of an exceptional yellow ink solution for your DTF printer? Look no further than DTF Printer USA Yellow Ink. Let’s delve into why this ink is the perfect choice for your printing needs.

Create Vibrant DTF Prints

Unleash the power of vibrant DTF prints with our opaque yellow ink. Its solid base ensures your designs are sharp and irresistibly captivating.

Solid Yellow Base for Clarity

Our ink’s opaqueness guarantees a solid yellow base for your designs, ensuring clear and well-defined prints that leave a lasting impression.

Print on a Variety of Materials

DTF Printer USA Yellow Ink is compatible with a wide range of materials, from cotton to leather and everything in between. Your creativity can flourish on various garments and accessories.

Safe and Eco-Friendly

We prioritize your safety and eco-friendliness. Our water-based, non-toxic formulation guarantees a secure printing experience while meeting the highest standards of environmental responsibility.

Affordable Brilliance

Quality doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. DTF Printer USA Yellow Ink is priced affordably, making it an excellent choice for both businesses and individuals seeking high-quality DTF prints without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • Opaque yellow color for sharp and vibrant prints
  • Solid yellow base for clear and well-defined prints
  • Compatibility with a wide range of materials
  • Water-based and non-toxic for safe and eco-friendly printing
  • Affordable price

Ready to elevate your printing projects with DTF Printer USA Yellow Ink? Explore the world of vivid possibilities and capture attention like never before.

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Elevate your prints, impress your clients, and make every creation a masterpiece with DTF Printer USA Yellow Ink. Start your journey today!